About Lion Mane and Lion Mane Studios

Lion Mane, born 12/24/1991 in Bellingham, Washington, USA.

Lion's mane passion is making music in a creative and unique way, combining different styles and flavors of EDM and other genres in progressive ways, the best way he puts it is he makes, "weird-housey-trippy-trappy-dubsteppy-electro-hyphy-experimental-bass music...manely ;)" He comes from a rap/hip-hop beat making path prior to EDM, he's heavily inspired by "Bay Area Hyphy" sound and his EDM often reflects a similar vibe. 

He hopes to use his platform to inspire laughter and light amongst the world whether it be through his music and art or on his social platforms sharing thoughts and experiences.

Lion Mane About Picture

Lion Mane Studios is a culmination of his various interests, as he also enjoys making visual art and videos, jewelry, etc.